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problem with your oxygen sensor ?

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Got a problem with your oxygen sensor ?
Don't need a cat for the MOT ?
Don't want to buy a new oxygen sensor ?

This does not apply to turbo C20LET, or Motronic 2.8 distributor less ignition.
This applies to the 20XE with Motronic 2.5 and 2.0 8v
Firstly, if you wish to fit a cat replacement pipe you don't need to worry about the sensor. However if your cat sensor is faulty, you don't need a cat for the MOT and you want to fit a cat pipe you could always do the following (provided your air mass meter has a pot screw adjustment on it.)
Well its not a particularly easy job, then again its not that hard.
Disconnect the battery
Unplug the ecu connector. (unclip from 1 end and move thru 45 Deg's)
On the ecu plug there should be a screw on the end. Undo and slide off the cover.
Locate the hole for the pin. The numbers are marked along the edge. It should be empty or it may have a brown or brown/red wire.
Insert a new terminal or bare ended wire which fills the square.
If you use a bare ended wire, cable tie the wire to the one next door and silicon over the inner hole to hold it.
Refit the cover and reconnect. Connect the new wire to ground before re connecting the battery.
Pin numbers :

2.0 8v 1989 pin number 27. Useful for them 2.0 8v 4x4 I guess.
2.0 8v 1990 92 and 16v's XE pin 20.

Disconnect the plug to the oxygen sensor.
This makes the engine man think the car was never fitted with a cat from the factory. ie an early GSi 2wd or gte 16v.
As the oxygen sensor constantly adjust your CO emissions you may need to adjust the pot on the air mass meter for it to run well or pass an MOT (as a car without a cat).
Remember this is only if your oxygen sensor is knackered and cat removed and you don't require it for MOT.
If your Air Mass meter does not have an adjustment screw.
Follow above and you can fit a resistive pot. Something like a 1K or 500 Ohm
Firstly check to see if you have a brown/green wire on pin 6 or the Air Mass Meter connector.
If you do connect a pot between there and earth (brown wire pin 1)
If you don't, you will need to put another pin into the ecu plug at pin 43.
Connect this to the new pot. Connect the other side of the pot to earth.
Adjust pot for CO mixture.

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