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DekkeR from Portugal - Calibra C20XE

Spune-ne cate ceva despre tine si masina ta

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Hello there, Dekker! ...and welcome to Club Calibra Romania! :D

Nice car you have there, nice movie too :D

I also have one movie with my car getting a new face, you can see it here:

Cheers and have fun!
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Nice to see how we are making friendships not only in Romania also beyond borders :good:
You have a famous project with you're car and looks like it's going well
Take care of it ;)
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nice work there my friend welcome to romanian forum!!!!nice car you got !!!
Iubiti-va calibrele nu se mai fabrica altele

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Vizitator scrie:
Hello Dekker! :hello: Nice car you've got there! Tell us please what modifications did you make at the engine ( i see there a Lexmaul ram :grin: ) and what is the engine's power now! :shock: Thanks! Nice paint job! Keep it up! :good:

My post there! Sorry for the incovenience!
Am intrat fara sa fiu logat! :bye:
Sunt piciorul care impinge scara...